Read this about bullying and then try the activity below.
Some people think that if they tell someone about a bully, then the bullying might get worse.  This is not true!  We give a bully more power by accepting their behavior and not doing anything about it.  Research has shown that bullying will stop when adults in authority and friends get involved!

Bullying is wrong and when people do things to hurt others, it needs to be talked about.  If you or one of your friends get bullied then you should tell an adult right away.  Bullying is done to gain power over someone by hurting them or making them feel bad.  It could be calling someone bad names, making threats, spreading rumors, teasing, excluding them, or even hurting someone physically by hitting them or pushing them down.

It is never your fault when you are being bullied and you never have to face bullying alone... there are people who can help stop bullying.

Can you unscramble some mixed-up words which are different types of Bullying?

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