Buzzy the frog and his friend Snookie share fun, music, comedy, surprises and valuable lessons in their exciting audience interactive shows.
Buzzy The Lazy Frog
Buzzy the Frog is a lovable character and has a very endearing personality. He puts on fun shows with his puppet friend, Snookie Snookums. Buzzy has planned some new surprises and a brand new song for his next big puppet show! Yet, when Buzzy the Frog begins his show, we find that he canít remember what to do! It seems that lately he's been very lazy and hasnít practiced or prepared for the show. Now, he canít even remember the words to 'Old McDonald'. With some help from the audience and his good friend, Snookie, he will find his way and learn a valuable lesson about being responsible and always doing the things that he should be doing.
The Treasure Box Trick
Buzzy the Frog has decided to do a trick in the show! The puppeteer believes that it would be a Magic Trick but we soon learn that Buzzy has been playing tricks on his friend Snookie and thinks that it's funny. He pretends that their is a monster in his Treasure Box ends up making Snookie feel bad.  Soon, Buzzy learns that it's always most important to think of your friends feelings when doing things and even having fun. It all works out in the end and the good friends both learn a valuable lesson about considering other people's feelings.
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