There's Eager Beaver, Snores the Bear, Cologne the Skunk, Winks the Owl, Kettle the Possum, and Flurry Fox.  These lovable woodland ‘Kreatures’ have had kids laughing and learning for more than 15 years!  Great visual effects, original songs, fast paced comedy and interactive audience participation make these shows wonderful family and children entertainment.
Who Made That Green Glob Appear?
One of our biggest and elaborate productions!  The Kreatures are putting on a Talent Show but when a Eager tells a fib, a Green Glob appears and tries to tickle him.  This can cause plenty of trouble especially when that silly Eager Beaver won’t stop telling fibs!
Great for all ages
Double Bubble Trouble
This very funny production features all the Kamp Kreatures.  Eager takes some Bubble Gum that doesn’t belong to him and learns it isn’t easy to get “rid” of something you’re trying to hide. Covering up only gets him in Double Bubble Trouble.  Great for all ages
Eager Beaver's Birthday Bash
Four of the Kamp Kreatures are putting on a show to celebrate Eager’s Birthday. Lots of laughs, music and excitement as everyone learns its more fun to share, even when it’s your birthday.  Great for Pre-school to 2nd grade level
Bubble Bath Bunny
Eager Beaver wants to introduce everyone to his pet Magic Rabbit.  To prepare, he decides to give his rabbit a bath, the only problem is... the rabbit doesn't like to take baths!  Lots of fun follows as Eager Beaver, Cologne the Skunk, and Winks the Owl all help the rabbit to learn that it's important to be clean.  Great fun for all ages.
A Monkey In Eager's Hat
Eager Beaver and Cologne the Skunk star in this wacky and magical show… When Eager borrows Cologne’s Flowerpot without asking, it causes all sorts of “monkey” problems.  A smaller production that’s great for all ages!
Mixed-Up Magical Mysteries
Eager Beaver stars in his very own magic show but he’s lost his magic book!  Things start to get mixed up and crazy as Eager tries to do his trick anyway.  A smaller production that’s great for all ages!
Moving With The Kreatures 1 & 2
Kids join in with the Kreatures who show them how much fun exercise and fitness can be.  An interactive audience fun-fest of music and laughter.  Great for Pre-School to 2nd grade
Moving With The Kreatures 3
Snores, Eager, Cologne and Winks teach the kids about exercise and nutrition and everyone participates in this high energy audience interactive show.  Mrs. Apple and the audience help Snores the Bear learn about good nutritious foods and good snacks to eat.  Great for Pre-School to 2nd grade
No! Bully NO!
An important production about bullying that shows both the perspective of the child who bullies as well as the child who is being bullied.  Children will learn what bullying is and what to do when they are being bullied.  There’s lots of open dialog and the show ends with Eager and Ms. Gail reviewing the school’s policies on bullying.
Great for all ages
Rules Are For You And Kreatures Too
A Show about following rules and respecting the rights of others.  The kids and Kreatures learn that everyone has rules to live by... including the kreatures, teachers and even their parents.  They also learn about respecting each other and their differences.  Great for all ages
Learning To See It's Great To Be Me
An exciting adventure about self-esteem through accomplishment.  In this show some of the Kreatures have formed a club called “The Cool Ones”, which has left some of the others feeling left out.  The Kreatures and children learn that everyone has their own unique qualities that makes them special.  Great for all ages
Kamp Kreatures Holiday Sing-Along
A joyous show filled with laughter and holiday singing as the Kreatures put on a show for Christmas.  Kids play in the Jingle Bell Band and everyone gets to join in the Twelve Days of Kamp Kreatures Christmas.  Great for all ages
Kamp Kreatures Christmas Extravaganza
In this spectacular holiday presentation, the Kamp Kreatures are putting on a show for Christmas.  When Eager Beaver messes up his act, he tries to “help” everyone else with theirs.  High energy, fast paced fun entertainment, lots of audience participation and Christmas music make this a fabulous holiday experience for everyone.
Great for all ages
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