Non-stop original songs, fun and interactive audience participation designed for children pre-K through second grade.  The stars of these shows are the friendliest 
most wonderful wacky puppets: Tiggles the worm and his two bird friends Podley and Kimba.
Shhh... It's Podley's Birthday
Tiggles and Kimba have kept their surprise birthday party for Podley a secret from him.  Theyíre so busy getting ready that he begins to think no one likes him anymore.  They soon learn how important it is to think and care for their friendís feelings and tell him their secret so he can be happy.
Tiggles Holiday Sing-Along Show
As Tiggles, Podley and Kimba rehearse their Holiday show, Kimba gets the words wrong because Podley thought it would be funny to teach her the wrong words.  The craziness and giggles continue throughout this highly interactive extravaganza where everyone gets to join in singing popular holiday favorites such as: Jingle Bells and 
Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.  The kids can participate with a Play-Along Band complete with instruments.
Tiggles Sharing Show
Music, songs, comedy, fun, interactive audience participation and discussion delivers fast paced entertainment and valuable understanding as everyone learns the importance of sharing.  Podley doesnít share a favorite toy believing that its fun enough for Tiggles just to watch him play but Podley and the kids learn itís a whole lot 
more fun to play together when you share.
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