American Shorthair cat: character and price

Despite the name, the American Shorthair cat descends from the European cat. The origins of this feline, probably, are to be found in the first American colonies: by now it is known that the ancient navigators used to bring cats on ships in order to hunt mice.

In the Americas, the American Shorthair became a cat much appreciated by the peasants and also by the miners, so much so that in the nineteenth century it became a real widespread and selected breed, so that this short-haired animal became a companion, but did not lose its hunter skills. Because this short-haired cat is a true miracle in hunting and a great jumper. Here are the main features of this feline and the price.

American Shorthair cat: features

Sturdy and proportionate, not too squat, medium-large, the American Shorthair is a muscular, agile and powerful animal. Its head is wide and rounded in shape, it is in scale with the body, but its small nose contrasts with the ears and large eyes. One of the main features of this feline is its large and agile legs, a very useful tool for jumping and jumping during the hunt: these are two activities that the American Shorthair cat loves to do.

Another characteristic aspect of this breed is the short, but thick and thick hair: the one used by the ancestors of these animals to protect us from the cold and damp climate. The colors of the coat are many: tabby are allowed, but the silver classic remains the most common, also because on the white or silvered background stand out the darker marks, in charcoal black, with very sharp and appreciated designs. The character of this feline is surprising: just give it a quick look to understand that it is very alert and alert.

He has an instinct to hunt a lot developed, in fact, he turns, explores and ventures also in the small garden in search of prey. He becomes very fond of the family and is a great cuddly, which is why he will always come back home. Very good with children, he loves cuddles and returns with loyalty to his master. Educated and diligent, he has no problem adapting to life in the apartment as long as there is a terrace, perhaps with some plants, to give him the feeling of freedom.

American Shorthair cat: care and price

In Italy, this feline breed is little known, but if you become the owner of an American Shorthair, the owners will not have to waste much time for the care of this cat. The short hair is enough to brush it once a week, increasing during periods of molting.

The only care is to provide for the use of pesticides and vaccinations if the American Shorthair cat has the possibility of wandering in open spaces: fleas, ticks, and encounters with other cats can generate diseases. How much does a feline of the American Shorthair breed cost? With a pedigree and related certificates, the price is between 1000 and 1500 euros, while if you want a pet- only copy, it goes down to 600 euros.

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