Cat flea collar: how to choose it

There are several reasons why you might want to buy the best flea collar for cats: to locate it when it goes out for a walk, so it can enter the house through its cat flap in case it’s magnetic, to avoid parasites or simply to make your kitten even cuter than she already is. […]

All the trivia about the tortoiseshell cat scale

I wrote the “cat” tortoise scale but I should have written GATTA because almost all tricolor cats are females. It can also be said “tortoise” and it is never a breed but only a color, which can occur both in common cats and in many noble breeds. The blame (or rather the merit) of this […]

Ragdoll cat: character and price

Blue eyes and “stained” hair that makes the Ragdoll cat the sweetest and tame feline in the world. Among the so-called giant cats is the one with the most angelic character, so much so that in North America they also call it Cherubino. The origins of the Ragdoll breed must be sought overseas, precisely by […]

Bombay cat: character and price

Learn all about the Bombay cat, the panther cat! Bombay cat: history and origins of the breed This breed of cat originated from an American Kentucky breeder, who had long dreamed of having a wild animal at home, perhaps a panther . Since she was an expert on cats and used to win many prizes […]

Manx cat: character and price

The Manx cat also called the Mann Island cat, is an English feline that falls into the category of shorthairs and Somalis, although it is an evident characteristic that distinguishes them: it is a feline with no tail. But this does not mean that he has problems communicating or balancing since he is a professional […]

Sphynx (Canadian naked cat): character and price

The first specimens of kittens without fur were born by chance in a normal litter in 1955, in Canada (hence the name Canadian Naked Cat). From this strange genetic mutation the Sphynx then originated, even if similar or similar mutations had already occurred elsewhere (for example the Mexican Hairless, officially recognized precisely only in Mexico). […]

American Shorthair cat: character and price

Despite the name, the American Shorthair cat descends from the European cat. The origins of this feline, probably, are to be found in the first American colonies: by now it is known that the ancient navigators used to bring cats on ships in order to hunt mice. In the Americas, the American Shorthair became a […]

6 breeds of cats that stay small: they are very sweet

Those who love animals know how a feline is always adorable, but those looking for breeds of cats that stay small can take a look at these six below: they will remain pocket-sized and are truly adorable. Singapura The Singapura is considered the smallest breed cat in the world: it weighs a maximum of 2.5 […]

Persian cat: character and price

The Persian cat is the perfect domestic cat: it is suitable for children, the elderly and for those who love cuddles. The perfect feline is the result of careful selection work thanks to serious breeders and patients who have “created” the Persian starting from the Angora cat , which is extraordinary given that this breed […]