Balinese cat: character and price

The Balinese cat breed was born by chance, in the forties. A long-haired Siamese puppy was born in a litter of short-haired Siamese only, in short, an anomalous kitten. Initially, these anomalous kittens were poorly tolerated in feline exposures, but two American breeders decided that these kittens were beautiful and full of charm, that it […]

Maine Coon cat: character and price

The Maine Coon cat is part of a breed of North American origin, precisely from the region of Maine, of which it has also become the official feline. Literally, the name Maine Coon means Raccoon from Maine because of its raccoon-like tail. In English, he is also nicknamed Racoon, or raccoon, then abbreviated as Coon. […]

The Sphynx cat, Canadian Sphynx or naked cat

The origins of naked cats are lost in the mists of time, the spontaneous mutation has appeared by chance in litters of normal cats but the bases of the Sphynx cat are put only in the 70s in Canada with the discovery of some small nudes in litters of cats of road and the official […]

Bengal cat (Bengal): character and price

The Bengal cat  (Codie EMS: BEN) belongs to the category of short-haired and Somali cats, also known as leopard cat, Bengali or Bengal, it is a feline breed recognized since 1991 and was obtained thanks to the crossing of cat specimens domestic with wild cats, respectively of the species Felis Bengalensis and Prionailurus bengalensis. This […]

Russian Blue Cat: character and price

Blue Cat of Russia: you got it right, it’s a blue cat from Russia and it’s short-haired. It is an official breed since 1912, the Blue Cat of Russia, and in the First World War it also risked extinction, but then it came to us. Called Russian Blue or Blue Red, it is not a […]

Turkish Cat Van: character and price

The  Turkish Cat Van or Turkish Van is the only one among all domestic cats that do not have the slightest problem with the idea of ​​having to jump into the water to follow a prey, be it a fish or a duck. He doesn’t like swimming, but he throws himself the same, and many […]

Norwegian cat: character and price

The Norwegian cat, better known as the Norwegian forest cat, is hard to imagine in a living room. Yet this feline has proved to be an excellent companion animal, very rascal and more obedient than the other cat breeds. This Norwegian forest cat is also called Norsk Skogkatt and has very ancient origins, so much […]

Chartreux cat: character and price

The Carthusian is considered a very ancient and valuable feline breed. There are various legends about its origin, but the most accepted hypothesis is that the Carthusian cat has existed since the time of the monks who began to breed these specimens to protect barns and food supplies from mice. In fact, the Carthusian cat […]

The Bengals or Bengal cat

The Bengal cat is a very special cat, it is not a pure domestic cat but a cross between our cat and the Asian leopard cat, a wild breed. The breed was not born out of pure pleasure but following the experiments of Dr. Centerwall in the 70s. Dr. Centerwall wanted to make domestic cats […]

Burmese cat: character and price

The sacred cat of Burma, or commonly called the Burmese cat, is an amiable, docile and friendly cat. The breed of the Burmese cat is really elegant, despite the massive size that contrasts with the blue eyes. Unlike the other feline breeds, for this there is a precise standard regarding the genetic characteristics, which makes […]