Cat British Shorthair: character and price

The British Shorthair cat is a short-haired cat, as its name suggests, but it is also the most common cat in Europe. It is a medium-sized cat, it comes from Great Britain and its specimens have various colors. It is very gentle, suitable for life in the open air, but also for staying in an […]

Burmese cat: character and price

The Burmese, also known as the “sable cat” has no precise origins. According to legend, the Burmese was a sacred cat, lived in monasteries, close to priests and Burmese monks and was able, thanks to his spirituality, to get in touch with the gods. Burmese: history and origins of the race The Burmese of today […]

Scottish Fold cat: character and price

The Scottish Fold cat breed certainly comes from Scotland and has an unmistakable characteristic for cat lovers: bent ears. In fact, the Scottish Fold cat is called so because the term Fold in English means Fold: it is a form of mutation that determines the so-called Folder Ear. The stubbornness of a couple of Scots, […]