Balinese cat: character and price

The Balinese cat breed was born by chance, in the forties.

A long-haired Siamese puppy was born in a litter of short-haired Siamese only, in short, an anomalous kitten.

Initially, these anomalous kittens were poorly tolerated in feline exposures, but two American breeders decided that these kittens were beautiful and full of charm, that it was unfair to reserve them this bad reception and they undertook to protect the new breed, breeding them and making them reproduce.

The litters born were composed entirely of Siamese long-haired cats: a new breed was born, the Balinese.

Slowly, over time, the breed developed and became increasingly numerous.

In 1968 a club was even founded in his honor and later was also recognized by several associations.

This cat is widespread especially in North America, only in recent years has it been successful in Italy.

Balinese cat: origin and history

The Balinese is very similar to the Siamese, the only feature that distinguishes it is to have a semi-long hair coat instead of short.

The coat is light, white or avano, with darker colored spots, called points: ears, snout, tail, and the tip of the legs. Some Balinese varieties are called ” Javanese “.

A great characteristic of the Balinese, like that of the Siamese, are the eyes: blue or blue, but always very penetrating, slightly oblique and almond-shaped.

They don’t have to tend to be cross-eyed. The color of the eyes may depend on the color of the tips.

The Balinese head is triangle-shaped. The snout has no interruptions and differences in height on the level of the mustache. The snout is thin, the chin very solid, the ears long and pointed.

The body is medium, long and slender, the skeleton is fine and the muscles are elongated. The shoulders must not be too wide, the hind legs are slightly higher than the front ones.

The legs are rounded and oval. Paws, body, and tail must be perfectly proportioned.

The tail is long, thin, sharp and has the appearance of a feather, being covered with soft and silky hair.

The coat must have no woolly undercoat, it must be longer on the shoulders, in the tail, and around the neck, smooth along the rest of the body. The ears must also be hairy.

The Balinese, while being lean and thin, must pay attention to the line, it is preferable to feed it only once a day, but in an abundant way.

It should not be combed often, in its fur it is rare for knots to form. Twice a week they are enough to guarantee the beauty of the cat.

The Balinese do not often have health problems, their sexual maturity is reached before the other races. They are very prolific: the average of puppies is from three to seven kittens.

The defects of the breed are: eyes not blue, nose not colored, poor health, defective and non-silky tail, weak hind legs.

Balinese cat: character and psychology

Also from this point of view, the Balinese is completely similar to the Siamese.

He hates to be alone and instead loves to take part in everything his human companion does.

He is affectionate, very close to his human friends, and especially to those who take care of him. Dialogue through a wide range of high- pitched or severe sounds.

He loves to share everything, it is impossible to keep something hidden from him, he wants to try everything, he is alert and alert.

It is preferable to give him a companion or a companion, so as not to make him feel only when the master or the mistress are not with him, advisable perhaps a cat of the same breed.

The Balinese are fantastic parents, participate in the games of their kittens and dedicate much care to them, more than the other races.

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