Bombay cat: character and price

Learn all about the Bombay cat, the panther cat!

Bombay cat: history and origins of the breed

This breed of cat originated from an American Kentucky breeder, who had long dreamed of having a wild animal at home, perhaps a panther .

Since she was an expert on cats and used to win many prizes and awards every year, she had the idea of ​​creating a “cat-panther”.

In 1958 the breeder crossed a common black cat with a sable Burmese but the initial results were disappointing: the cats were not small, they had too long hair and pale eyes, not golden yellow like the panthers.

Then he paired a black American Shorthair with golden eyes with another Burmese sable and there was another disappointment.

Crossing his most beautiful Burmese sable with an  American Shorthair , sister of one of his winning cat from exposure and not losing heart, litter after litter, after years of unsuccessful mating finally succeeded in his intent, creating kittens black like coal, small and with golden eyes .

He called this race “Bombay” as the Indian city. In 1976 there was the true consecration of Bombay, and the breed, after being presented at the exhibitions, was recognized .

He also received many awards. Still today it is considered a rare and very prestigious breed.

Bombay cat: characteristics and morphology

Bombay is a cat with a smooth and shining coat, short and ash-black. The body is devoid of roundness, without a thread of fat, robust and powerful.

The eyes can be golden, intense oranges, golden yellow and are always surprisingly expressive.

This cat looks like a panther in miniature . In Italy this breed is not widespread, but in other countries it is appreciated.

Bombay suffers from cold and damp and should never leave home during the winter, to avoid serious illnesses.

Bombay is not very prolific, two or three kittens per litter is average.

Often in litters there is also a Bombay sable , even if this leads to exclusion from exhibitions.

Bombay cat: care and health

Caring for a cat of this breed is not difficult. No special coat cleaning and brushing is required, except during the suit period.

To ensure its shine, it should be smoothed daily with a camel-skin glove. If white or other colored hair appears, it should be removed.

Bombay is rather voracious , it shouldn’t get too fat. It is a medium sized cat, well made.

The body is stocky but not massive. The legs are short with small and round legs.

The tail is medium, with a rounded tip, without knots. The head is round, similar to that of Burmese.

The nose and ears are medium, the tips of the ears rounded, far apart.

The color must be essentially black, without white or other color spots or brown tones.

Footpads, nose, and ears (inside) should be grays, never pink.

Bombay cat: character and psychology

Unlike real panthers, this cat is sweet and affectionate , a true pacioccone, from and seeks pampering. But he hates loud noises.

Bombay is an apartment cat . Docile with people, the Bombay tend to dominate with other cats. He’s a lazy cat, he sleeps a lot.

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