Burmese cat: character and price

The Burmese, also known as the “sable cat” has no precise origins.

According to legend, the Burmese was a sacred cat, lived in monasteries, close to priests and Burmese monks and was able, thanks to his spirituality, to get in touch with the gods.

Burmese: history and origins of the race

The Burmese of today are descended from a hazel cat, vaguely resembling a Siamese.

In the thirties, this kitten was adopted by a scientist, who, in love with her, took her with him to San Francisco.

Her master found her a companion but the first litters did not resemble Siamese at all. After many attempts, couplings between consanguine succeeded in his intent.

In a few years, the breed was recognized, the second world war held back its expansion, which is then resumed.

Burmese: standard and morphology

Burmese is today one of the most common and appreciated breeds. It is a robust cat, full of charm, endowed with great appetite, which loves to feed on fresh fish.

The coat does not need much care, brushing it twice a week will ensure its lucidity and health.

It is endowed with great strength, of which however it does not use in the fights. It is recognized in as many as ten different shades of color. Some colors are grouped and judged as a Malajana breed.

The body is medium-sized, graceful, elegant but also muscular. It must not be fat, the neck is long, the roundish chest, the slender and slender legs, the oval feet, it must not look too much like the Siamese.

The head is triangular but short, the ears, medium, are well spaced and rounded. The nose has a small groove.

The eyes must be large, bright and expressive. All shades of yellow are allowed, even green at times, but gold is preferable.

The tail is straight, of medium length, not thick, rounded at the tip. The hair is short, shiny, dense, with no undercoat.

In all varieties, the lower part of the body is always a little lighter on the back. Streaks are not allowed.

Burmese: character and psychology

The Burmese are incredibly fond of his human friends, and he accompanies them everywhere, he also loves traveling with them, he is obedient and playful.

He pretends to be picked up, cuddled, fondled and caressed. Excellent cat, also suitable for children for its docility.

In the presence of a stranger, a Burmese may remain indifferent or run towards him, depending on whether he inspires trust or not.

His reactions are never loud or violent. Lively, curious and silent, however, it has a very powerful tone of voice.

The Burmese kittens are, however, scatenatissimi. Fortunately, this turbulence subsides in just a few weeks. The Burmese is a cute cat, attentive but also thoughtful.

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