Cat British Shorthair: character and price

The British Shorthair cat is a short-haired cat, as its name suggests, but it is also the most common cat in Europe.

It is a medium-sized cat, it comes from Great Britain and its specimens have various colors.

It is very gentle, suitable for life in the open air, but also for staying in an apartment.

The character of this cat is not typical of felines, but the British Shorthair is a cat in all respects.

British Shorthair, character and price

The British Shorthair breed appears to be a cross between felines brought to Britain by the Romans and wild cats native to the area.

Until the nineteenth century, this cat was wild, then there was the selection of the breed starting from the blue color and obtaining the specimens that we know today.

The debut in blue is dated 1871 to the feline exposition of the Crystal Palace, but at that time the British Shorthair feline believed itself a Carthusian.

This cat has suffered from the two world wars from the point of view of breeding, but it is back in vogue and appreciated by all. The British Shorthair cat has its price: varies from 800 euros to 1,000 euros, it depends on many factors.

Cat British Shorthair: features

It is a massive cat and this is also due to the thick but very soft hair. His eyes are round and expressive.

Usually they are copper and golden yellow, but the most common colors can be green and blue: unfortunately, it can happen that they tend to discolor slightly with age.

The animal has soft lines, in fact, it has chubby cheeks, a short and massive neck, small ears and a short nose, as well as a robust body. It has short legs, an important chest, and a beautiful tail.

Males reach 8 kg, while females reach 5 kg. The coat of the British Shorthair cat is soft and colorful with various colors: it can be uniform, or two-colored or multicolored, brindle shaded.

When it is single-colored, the British Shorthair cat has eyes that go from bronze to golden orange, except in the case of white which can also have light blue or unpolished. A separate white, rare exception, all mono colors must show a uniform coat: each coat must be of the same color from root to tip.

In the case of the multicolored British Shorthair cat on the coat there are various colors, white included, the most known cases are the two-colored and the tricolor, when the white prevails, the appellative of Harlequin appears. When the colors are many but the white is not seen, the British Shorthair cat becomes tortoiseshell or tortie and it is almost always females.

Both males and females can be brindle or tabby.

The British Shorthair cat is perfect for apartment living: the character of this feline is particular, which is a stable mood and easygoing nature.

He doesn’t want too much attention and knows how to be alone without making trouble.

It tends to follow people everywhere because it wants pampering and company without ever being intrusive. He knows how to live with children and other felines or other animals.

British Shorthair cat: care and nutrition

The British Shorthair cat does not require too much care: it should only be brushed occasionally.

Another aspect not to be underestimated is the diet because it is a cat that tends to obesity and it is necessary to dose its food, whether it is dry crunchy, or with wet foods.

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