Cat flea collar: how to choose it

There are several reasons why you might want to buy the best flea collar for cats: to locate it when it goes out for a walk, so it can enter the house through its cat flap in case it’s magnetic, to avoid parasites or simply to make your kitten even cuter than she already is. And, to make sure you choose the most suitable one, the following lines will help you get your bearings.

Some say against cats wearing collars and suggest other possibilities, but here you’ll see that this decision will depend very much on your pet’s character. And you’ll also understand all the advantages a cat collar can offer. So don’t miss out on this guide, because we’re sure you’ll find it very interesting and useful.

The most important things in brief

  • A cat collar can be very useful for several functions. You must therefore choose the most suitable one according to what you need.
  • Your cat may not want the collar, especially if it’s the first time you’ve tried to get her to wear it and she’s already an adult. These cats are very habitual and reluctant to change. However, there are a few basic steps you can take to help your pet get used to their new accessory.
  • When choosing a collar, there are some very important purchase criteria to take into account: in addition to the function of the product, you need to make sure that the materials are of good quality and comfortable for your pet’s skin, that the collar is lightweight, adaptable to the size of your kitten’s neck, and that it can be closed easily but at the same time it is difficult for your cat to open it.

While we are undecided, lulling ourselves in the doubts that we will unravel here below, we are not sitting on our hands but we frequently check the hair of our cat. Anti-flea collar for cats yes, or no, it must be checked that there are no red dots on the skin and that he does not scratch in a compulsive and irritated.

The cat flea collar is not an alternative to other remedies, not necessarily: there are specific shampoos, localized treatments, to spread on soft hair, there are sprays, too, and over time less and less harmful to our cats, unless you decide to “cook them” yourself. This is also an option, and it also exists for collars.

But let’s start with the choices available on the market for a flea collar for cats. There are various types and models, with different durations and similar or less active ingredients.

Particularly innovative as a flea collar for cats is Seresto, which exists in the version for dogs. The peculiarity of this product lies in the combination of materials, studied ad hoc so that the collar releases in a controlled way low doses of the active principles up to 8 months. In addition to an above-average duration, this cat flea collar is not only anti-flea: it kills existing fleas and ticks and discourages ticks before they can sting, thus protecting the cat from their attacks and the diseases they carry.

An alternative, even in velvet, with a small bell, and with a choice of colours, including red, which goes very well with my Tari, is the Amber Wolf D034’s flea collar for cats. Here let me open a parenthesis on the bell: in general let’s choose it with a soft sound. It must be heard, but often it can make the animal nervous, and it is enough to imagine ourselves with a little bell that denounces our presence at every step, in the true sense of the word, to understand that we must not abuse the “little bell”. It is useful that it is inserted to the anti-flea collar for cat if our cat is wandering, disappears in the tall grass, or disappears in general. Otherwise, if it’s for our own amusement, or for a touch of chic or zen, we avoid it.

If we want to avoid the work of filtering, we can use lemon essential oil instead of fruit, but be careful not to exaggerate, the cat, and his nose, would not like. If we really want to change the smell, you can use rosemary with a similar procedure, including filtering.

Let us not deceive ourselves, however, that these, even if natural, are magic potions: they must be applied several times, using a comb with narrow teeth, soft, to brush the hair and remove fleas and eggs. Only regularity rewards the fight against fleas. There is no flea collar for cats that betrays this rule: commercial, DIY, or made by those who say that … determination is the essential ingredient: fleas are stubborn, we must be more stubborn. The cat is already very stubborn, let’s imitate it!

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