Maine Coon cat: character and price

The Maine Coon cat is part of a breed of North American origin, precisely from the region of Maine, of which it has also become the official feline.

Literally, the name Maine Coon means Raccoon from Maine because of its raccoon-like tail. In English, he is also nicknamed Racoon, or raccoon, then abbreviated as Coon.

There are several legends that reconstruct the history of the Maine Coon cat: the most widespread on its origins is that of being a cross between a lynx and a raccoon because of its physical characteristics, which is large and hairy ears decorated with tufts and a tail big and ringed.

Another legend says that it is a specimen of the six Angora cats and that Queen Marie Antoinette, during the French Revolution, would have taken several specimens of these felines and rescued them by sending them to Maine.

The most plausible explanation is that the Maine Coon is a cross between short-haired cats and long-haired overseas cats, direct ancestors of the Norwegian Forest breed.

Probably, some specimens have landed with the Vikings around the year 1000 and have started their career in America by acting as mouse-catchers and mixing with other cat breeds.

The first indication is in 1861, but in Italy, it will have to wait until 1986 and since then this specimen of the breed is very coveted by those who intend feline exposures. Below, the characteristics, the colors allowed the character, the care and the price of a long-haired cat.

Maine Coon: characteristics and colors

A Maine Coon cat is recognized by its grandeur: among the physical characteristics, the one that catches the eye is its 7-11 kg of the male and the 5-7 kg of the female.

This is because as a constitution it is strong and muscular, but also agile and balanced, a virtue used to adapt to harsh winters. The cold fights it with a shiny, heavy and water-resistant coat: the hair does not become knotted because it has a natural greasiness and this characteristic of the coat is not of all breeds.

The Maine Coon feline has a longer coat on the stomach and hind legs, while it is shorter on the back and on the neck. Also, the tail has an anti-cold function, as it is long and thick, comfortable to wrap around the body and protect itself from frost.

The ears are hairier on the inside and on the tips, in order to improve hearing. The eyes of the Maine Coon cat are large, like the legs which are also round with tufts of hair.

The colors allowed for this breed of cat are all except the Chocolate, Cinnamon, Lilac, Fawn in any combination and colorpoint factor.

Maine Coon: character and behavior

A Maine Coon cat is used to the outdoors, but it also adapts to the house if it has enough space or that it can vent its playful, active and curious character.

This breed has other characteristics of behavior, such as being habitual and ideal for being in the company of elderly and children.

This long-haired cat is never aggressive and tends to interact with other animals without opening hostilities in spite of the imposing size and majestic posture.

The sharp and feeble meow is not lamented, it is a big talker and “talks” all the time.

Maine Coon: care and nutrition

This specific breed of felines does not need excessive care, but it is a must to take care of the feeding. For the hair, just brush it and bathe it.

Don’t worry, the Maine Coon is one of the few cats that love water, but it is essential to perfectly dry the coat.

This cat has a lot of appetites, but the meals must be balanced and healthy and supplementing the wet food and dry food with supplements.

Maine Coon cat: price

The price of a Maine Coon pet cat can be around 800 euros, while the cost of reproduction or display can reach up to 1,500 euros.

These figures vary from farmer to breeder, also because not all the specimens are perfect. Moreover, age plays a fundamental role, but also the presence of breed standards and the presence or absence of pedigree.

Maine Coon: farms

SoulWild in Polpenazze del Garda (Brescia)  is a recognized FIAF – WCF (World Cat Federation) farm that has the best bloodlines selected by type, character, and health. In this breeding, each cat is an integral part of the family – The passion for animals and the experience in breeding prompted us to start this wonderful adventure with our life mates and friends, the beautiful Maine Coons –

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