Manx cat: character and price

The Manx cat also called the Mann Island cat, is an English feline that falls into the category of shorthairs and Somalis, although it is an evident characteristic that distinguishes them: it is a feline with no tail. But this does not mean that he has problems communicating or balancing since he is a professional hunter. This breed of cat needs only a few quick movements to flush out its prey. It is the favorite cat for those who love country life, as they love the outdoors and hunt down small rodents. However, it is a specimen that needs care for its particular coat, as well as having a high price due to the selection of the breed.

Manx cat: character

Despite being a great predator, with humans, the Manx cat proves to be very affectionate and playful. It has a slightly bizarre character because it has behaviors similar to a dog rather than a feline. He has the mania to bring back the thrown objects, dig and to bury his toys and growls when he hears suspicious noises. Although I love being outdoors to hunt mice, in the apartment he is a very polite and diligent cat. He tends to enjoy the company without disasters, he does not unleash fights with other animals and he is also obedient. In the presence of strangers, he is not shy, although he can become aggressive if he feels threatened.

Manx cat: breeding and varieties

The Manx cat is bred especially in England. Raising it is not easy because the absence of a tail is due to a genetic mutation occurred on the island of Mann and the gene can be lethal in many cases, so the crossings must be well studied to avoid litters with many kittens with a marked destiny. However, there are numerous varieties: the Longy which appears, incredibly, with a normal tail, then the Rumpy, which instead has in its place a dimple at the base of the spine and the Rumpy Riser or Stumpy, which have a stump. The hair is soft as a rabbit eic olorithey range from white, to black, to blue, to red, to cream and too shaded, or cats with particular nuances. This breed also has two-colored, tricolor, spotted and tortie.

Manx cat: price and care

The Manx cat, due to the difficulty of the breeders to grow healthy specimens, has a rather high price: the cost is estimated to be higher than 600 Euros, the selection of the breed and the care of the professionals must be repaid, even if in Italy it is difficult to find this specimen. Moreover, it is a feline that needs care, especially for the hair. It is good to brush it often, as it has a double hair that holds dirt and parasites. It should be combed and polished with your hands or with a silk cloth, massaging very gently.

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