Norwegian cat: character and price

The Norwegian cat, better known as the Norwegian forest cat, is hard to imagine in a living room.

Yet this feline has proved to be an excellent companion animal, very rascal and more obedient than the other cat breeds.

This Norwegian forest cat is also called Norsk Skogkatt and has very ancient origins, so much so that it is already a protagonist in the ancient legends of the ancient inhabitants: it is said that Freyja, goddess of love and fertility used a cart drawn by these specimens to look for her missing husband, but also Thor, the god of thunder, had to lift a large Norwegian cat to demonstrate his strength.

Legends aside, the origins of this breed date back to the Vikings, who took them on ships to hunt mice.

Similar to the Norwegian lynxes, they were divided into three breeds called lynx-wolf, lynx-fox, and lynx-cat, later renamed in Norwegian cat or Norwegian forest cat, although the appearance is decidedly different for the contamination of the breed with those of short-haired cats.

There is also the Norsk Skogkattring, or the Norwegian Forest Cat Circle, whose foundation dates back to 1975.

Norwegian cat: character

Its beauty and appearance are undoubted, but the character of the Norwegian cat is unparalleled.

Of a calm, affectionate, intelligent, noble and playful nature, he loves both outdoor and indoor life, provided he creates a little corner for climbing and letting off steam.

Independent but sociable, the nerves forest cat gets along well with children and also with other similar ones, as well as with dogs: they just need to play.

Moreover, he becomes very fond of a family member, to whom he reserves all his attentions. It ‘a cat who loves the contact with the’ water: just a basin and will be the happiest cat in the world.

Norwegian Forest Cat: appearance

The Norwegian cat is undoubtedly an XL breed: an animal with a long and robust body, solid bones and a weight of 7 to 8 kg for males, 5.5 kg for females.

The expression is lively and friendly, the eyes vary from green to golden green and are very large.

The ears are pointed and funny with those tufts that peep out, while the tail is long and hairy. Sturdy legs with webbed and large feet, characteristic of snowy areas to facilitate movement on the snow.

The colors of the Norwegian cat are white (but be careful not to confuse the shade with that of the Siamese cat), chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, and fawn.

Norwegian cat: puppies and price

It is difficult to find a cat farm from the Norwegian forests outside Scandinavia that are selling these specimens for less than 600 euros or 700 euros.

It is a very particular breed and is not even very well known in Italy, so it is better to take a lot of information regarding the breeding or the owner of the puppy or the adult specimen of this breed.

The best thing is to visit the Norwegian forest cat in person, checking his condition on the spot. The puppies of the Norwegian cat have the semi-long hair of woolly appearance, like their undercoat.

The coat is shiny and water-repellent, and as they grow it is possible to see the presence of the gorget, a kind of mane and shorts on the hind legs.

No special precautions and care are needed for this cat, except for occasional checks and mandatory vaccinations. Even for his food, there is no need to go crazy, the only thing to avoid is the rice that seems unable to digest.

Yes to meat, fish, croquettes, and quality wet food and frequent brushing to eliminate dead hair, especially in time of change.

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