Persian cat: character and price

The Persian cat is the perfect domestic cat: it is suitable for children, the elderly and for those who love cuddles. The perfect feline is the result of careful selection work thanks to serious breeders and patients who have “created” the Persian starting from the Angora cat , which is extraordinary given that this breed of cat is the opposite of the cuddly character of the typical Persian who is perched on the sofa with a massive appearance with short and stubby legs and long hair . Moreover, it is a cat for the aristocrats, as Queen Victoria had one of blue in her court.

Persian cat: character

The character of the Persian cat is certainly not evident from its aristocratic bearing. The animal is truly docile and peaceful, even a big baby. The Persian cat is one of those best suited to keep company with the elderly and children and those masters who want the typical independence of the feline, but not too much. It is a very affectionate and balanced cat and hardly falls prey to anxiety and stress. He spends his days sleeping and doesn’t even need huge spaces, as he goes back and forth between bed, armchair, and sofa. But there are days when it becomes a real playful thing and will involve the master without combining disasters. It is the only cat that perhaps does not nail itself in the tapestry of the house and that does not overturn the ornaments.

Persian cat: physical appearance and basic care

The physical appearance of the Persian cat is evident from the hair up to 20 cm long, from the bushy tail and from the big eyes. The typical colors of the Persian coat are about two hundred combinations: the most common are those like white, cream, black, blue, chocolate and then also lilac and red. Some were born before others, and then there are “fantasies” that make the Persian cat even more choreographic. There are specimens of tortoise scale black or blue-cream, but also chocolate or lilac. The weight varies according to sex: if it is female, it will be between 3 and 5 kg, while the male exceeds 7 kg. Noteworthy features are the stocky, firm and massive body, the squat and short legs and the crushed snout with large eyes that vary from orange to green to blue or blue.

The Persian cat is the prince of felines and needs basic care, especially with regards to the hair and the eyes. In the first case, it is mandatory to brush the feline every day to keep the coat shiny and clean, but also to prevent the animal from ingesting the dead hair and the formation of hairballs. This is the first cause of bowel obstruction, but in addition to brushing, it is good to accustom the cat to taking malt paste or specific to dissolve hairballs in the stomach. Persian eyes are very delicate: they must be cleaned every day with wipes or a simple tissue, especially if they have a light coat because they are subject to abundant watery eyes and the area under the eyes can turn yellow. As far as food is concerned, don’t worry if the cat stops eating: it is a sign that we must change the brand of wet food and dry food: unfortunately it is a cat that soon gets tired of the usual food and likes to change. Obviously, it must not become a bad habit and that is why the owner must try to put a brake on this attitude. The most suitable foods they are white or red meat, cooked, fresh offal, rice and vegetables, natural tuna, fresh fish cooked and without thorns, low-fat cheeses and, occasionally, an egg yolk that makes the hair soft and shiny. Woe to give him leftovers: the Persian cat tends to gain weight and be subjected to diseases of the heart.

Persian cat: price

The price of a Persian cat is related to the function, or if it is for show or company. If he has to compete in some feline shows, he must be physically perfect. Currently, these specimens of feline breed cost between 500 euros to 3,000 euros: one must keep in mind that a puppy Persian cat with pedigree must also be kept in great condition and the costs for its maintenance is not a walk, including vaccinations, deworming, and the registration fees for cat shows.

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