Ragdoll cat: character and price

Blue eyes and “stained” hair that makes the Ragdoll cat the sweetest and tame feline in the world.

Among the so-called giant cats is the one with the most angelic character, so much so that in North America they also call it Cherubino.

The origins of the Ragdoll breed must be sought overseas, precisely by the Californian breeder Anne Baker, who was able to have the patience to select the various cats to create the Ragdoll feline variety.

Such as? Mating a white Angora cat and a Burmese cat.

After various litters, he selected the most gentle, docile and affectionate puppies.

Because he is very sweet and he also adapts to staying in an apartment, which is why this cat is very popular with lovers of Italian and American felines.

Ragdoll: characteristics and dimensions

Despite the sweet nature, the Ragdoll cat is known to be giant, especially the male. Indeed, some specimens are larger than the Maine Coon.

Officially, this feline is classified as a medium-large size, since the male specimens weigh between 5 and 8 kg and the females reach up to 5 kg.

The Ragdoll has several characteristics, that is the very soft and silky hair and the intense blue eyes, the first signs of recognition of the feline of this breed.

The large and slightly oblique eyes give the muzzle an aspect between the sweet and the mysterious, helped also by the elongated shape of the muzzle and the pronounced chin.

The feline has wide and muscular legs, very athletic, even if this feline is not very athletic.

Between the feet there is a tuft of hair between one finger and another and on the muzzle, it has a white V, upside down and symmetrical between the eyes.

Another characteristic of the ragdoll is the gorget, which is a collar of dense fur that encircles the neck up to form a kind of thick and fluffy jacket, even in summer.

The design of the coat is uniform, both on the gloves and on the mask of the head.

The colors allowed and registered are seal point, blue point, chocolate point, lilac point.

Then, there are also gloved specimens, namely specimens of Ragdoll cats with the tips of white paws or spotted with white.

Ragdoll cat: character and behavior

How to recognize a Ragdoll with eyes closed?

This cat has a delicate and melodious voice, but this pet prefers physical contact with the owner.

The ragdoll cat must never remain alone because it risks dying of sadness: this breed is really tied to the human presence.

He does not like noise and confusion at all, he wants the tranquility of a home, which is why he prefers the domestic environment and is not recommended for those who are out of work.

It is the typical indoor cat and can share spaces with other animals, provided they are not too bright.

Its peaceful nature does not mean that it is affected by laziness and lack of responsiveness. Simply, it is in a feline calm, sweet and lovable.

He is not a defenseless cat, but he tends to trust and take care of his master, especially if he is in a bad mood or sick.

A very annoying defect of this breed of the feline is the touchiness: woe to do him a wrong, he risks being silent for hours, offended and dejected.

Ragdoll: care and nutrition

If well cared for, the life expectancy of the Ragdoll cat is 15 to 18 years.

The hair should be brushed regularly and on average every 2-3 days, using a specific rake comb.

When it is in molting, the brushes must be more frequent to limit the dangerous habit of swallowing the dead hair while it is licking.

Better then to give him specific products to free the intestine from the hairballs.

Eyes and ears must be cleaned with specific products and maximum care for the bedding, as the cat does not tolerate them dirty and smelly.

As for the diet, the Ragdoll feeds on packaged and fresh food.

He is a very greedy feline, so much that he loves to taste everything.

So pay attention to what you eat and limit the portions, as it is very voracious and never satiated.

Fresh foods and dry food supplemented with vitamins are the ideal solutions for the breed in question.

Ragdoll cat: price

In Italy, ragdoll can be found in certain farms, while in the USA it is much more widespread.

The Ragdoll mothers are good mothers, as they look after their pets with love and trust show your feline companion, leaving him even closer to children, who are born from 1 to 8 at a time.

As soon as it is born, a ragdoll feline is white, but as it grows its tips become colored to take on the definitive color of the coat after the first three weeks of life.

Ragdoll puppies are between 450 euros and 800 euros: the variation depends on the color, the parents, the state of health and other factors, such as the scarce spread of the breed in our country.

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