Scottish Fold cat: character and price

The Scottish Fold cat breed certainly comes from Scotland and has an unmistakable characteristic for cat lovers: bent ears.

In fact, the Scottish Fold cat is called so because the term Fold in English means Fold: it is a form of mutation that determines the so-called Folder Ear.

The stubbornness of a couple of Scots, in 1961, made sure that this feline breed arrived at the present day.

They notice the cat of the neighbors with folded ears who has just given birth to puppies with the same trait and cross it with a British Shorthair.

Scottish Fold: origin and history

Cats of this type, in 1973, presented anomalies in the tail and joints and therefore decided to suspend it due to dangers related to a genetic mutation.

Fortunately, some passionate breeders have continued to breed these cats, obtaining strong specimens thanks to the crossing with the British Shorthairs, the Exotic Shorthairs, and the American Shorthairs.

For this reason, in a litter there may be specimens that have straight ears (called Straight) and, to avoid genetic anomalies, two Folds cannot mate with each other, but only with the British and the American.

In America, the Scottish Fold race is a hit thanks to Youtube and social media, while in Europe it is struggling to take off.

Scottish fold: features and colors

One of the most noticeable features of Scottish Fold cats is their ears bent forward, like puppies in the first weeks of life.

The cat also has a robust and round body, as well as having good musculature.

The head has a round shape and the headlight eyes give the Fold a sweet appearance.

The tail is tapered, of medium length and proportionate to the body. The hair is short but soft and very thick: it is very resistant since it tolerates low temperatures well.

The colors of the Scottish Fold cat are different: for the solid color, there are whites with large blue eyes, or copper or unequal, or blue, black, cream and red with copper-colored eyes.

As for the Tabby specimens, they can be blue, cream, red, brown, silver and cameo, and Tortie in blue and cream or black, red and cream, and finally Smoke.

The Scottish Fold cat breed standard excludes so-called “spotted” such as Colorpoint, Chocolate, Lilac or the same combined with white.

Scottish Fold: character and behavior

The Scottish Fold cat is very close to the family and shows affection.

He is a real domestic feline but does not disdain a few strolls in the garden to hunt mice.

He loves the company of humans and other animals very much.

The Scottish Fold females are very motherly: puppies are very alert and precocious, they tend to chase the owner everywhere without being annoying and are very curious.

The favorite pastime of these cats is playing with small objects, hiding them.

Scottish Fold: advice, care, and price

The breeding of this specimen of cat is not very common in Italy and in Europe, unlike the United States.

The advice is that, with a breed like this accustomed to genetic problems, you should never adopt puppies at random. Pay attention to the legs, the too-short limbs and the flexibility of the tail.

The Scottish Fold does not require special care, except for the ears, which must be perfectly cleaned to prevent the wax from causing infections and hearing loss.

The hair, being short and thick, is enough to clean it with a brush and a comb, especially during the molting, to help the animal get rid of dead hair.

As for the price of a Scottish Fold cat, it varies according to the presence or absence of breed and pedigree standards but usually starts at 1,000 euros for a puppy.

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