Manx cat: character and price

The Manx cat also called the Mann Island cat, is an English feline that falls into the category of shorthairs and Somalis, although it is an evident characteristic that distinguishes them: it is a feline with no tail. But this does not mean that he has problems communicating or balancing since he is a professional […]

Sphynx (Canadian naked cat): character and price

The first specimens of kittens without fur were born by chance in a normal litter in 1955, in Canada (hence the name Canadian Naked Cat). From this strange genetic mutation the Sphynx then originated, even if similar or similar mutations had already occurred elsewhere (for example the Mexican Hairless, officially recognized precisely only in Mexico). […]

American Shorthair cat: character and price

Despite the name, the American Shorthair cat descends from the European cat. The origins of this feline, probably, are to be found in the first American colonies: by now it is known that the ancient navigators used to bring cats on ships in order to hunt mice. In the Americas, the American Shorthair became a […]

Bengal cat (Bengal): character and price

The Bengal cat  (Codie EMS: BEN) belongs to the category of short-haired and Somali cats, also known as leopard cat, Bengali or Bengal, it is a feline breed recognized since 1991 and was obtained thanks to the crossing of cat specimens domestic with wild cats, respectively of the species Felis Bengalensis and Prionailurus bengalensis. This […]

Russian Blue Cat: character and price

Blue Cat of Russia: you got it right, it’s a blue cat from Russia and it’s short-haired. It is an official breed since 1912, the Blue Cat of Russia, and in the First World War it also risked extinction, but then it came to us. Called Russian Blue or Blue Red, it is not a […]

Chartreux cat: character and price

The Carthusian is considered a very ancient and valuable feline breed. There are various legends about its origin, but the most accepted hypothesis is that the Carthusian cat has existed since the time of the monks who began to breed these specimens to protect barns and food supplies from mice. In fact, the Carthusian cat […]

Cat British Shorthair: character and price

The British Shorthair cat is a short-haired cat, as its name suggests, but it is also the most common cat in Europe. It is a medium-sized cat, it comes from Great Britain and its specimens have various colors. It is very gentle, suitable for life in the open air, but also for staying in an […]

Burmese cat: character and price

The Burmese, also known as the “sable cat” has no precise origins. According to legend, the Burmese was a sacred cat, lived in monasteries, close to priests and Burmese monks and was able, thanks to his spirituality, to get in touch with the gods. Burmese: history and origins of the race The Burmese of today […]

Scottish Fold cat: character and price

The Scottish Fold cat breed certainly comes from Scotland and has an unmistakable characteristic for cat lovers: bent ears. In fact, the Scottish Fold cat is called so because the term Fold in English means Fold: it is a form of mutation that determines the so-called Folder Ear. The stubbornness of a couple of Scots, […]