The Bengals or Bengal cat

The Bengal cat is a very special cat, it is not a pure domestic cat but a cross between our cat and the Asian leopard cat, a wild breed.

The breed was not born out of pure pleasure but following the experiments of Dr. Centerwall in the 70s.

Dr. Centerwall wanted to make domestic cats immune to feline leukemia (FeLV), a highly contagious retrovirus that causes high mortality in cats.

To do this he tried this cross, unfortunately, the leukemia was not defeated but the puppies were so beautiful that they gave rise to the new breed of Bengal.

The first Bengal cats were quite wild, a little too much to live with us in the houses and to get to the current Bengal, docile but independent and wonderful, there were other crosses with Abyssinian, Burmese, Egyptian Mau, and Ocicat cats.

The breed was officially recognized only in 1986 so it is very young.

Bengal is a large, long, muscular cat with strong bones.

The hair is short but very thick and soft with the typical designs of wild felines, with spots or streaks in colors from white to brown, passing through cream and caramel.

Like the big cats, it mews little but communicates with attentive or languid looks depending on the moment, is very active and loves to hunt in the garden.

If you are thinking of adopting a Bengal there are some peculiarities that you need to know.

The first is that his ancestor, the Asian leopard cat, usually uses bison in the water to quickly disperse his odor and not betray his presence when hunting.

For this reason, a Bengal puppy should be educated immediately to the litter so that you learn the right way.

This particularity, however, can be useful if you think you might try to get your kitty dirty in the human toilet, there is water so you could learn to use the toilet before using other cats, with the help of the special donuts for training.

The second peculiarity of this breed is that it needs special attention in feeding, it tends to have digestive difficulties so you must choose the right feed in the right quantity, a serious breeder will advise you in the best way.

The third peculiarity I wrote a little while ago, is a cat with a very strong wild side, likes to go out hunting in the garden.

If you don’t have an outdoor space where you can feel free to let off steam, you will have to dedicate a little more time to the game, even a little rude, with your exclusive attention and lots of games, which he loves to bring back if you throw them at him.

And remember that he loves very much being praised and caressed by the people he loves, don’t skimp on cuddles!

The fourth peculiarity is that he loves water a lot, loves to take showers and baths, even in a simple basin found at home, so watch out if you soak the clothes with soap, that would hurt him a lot.

Who lives together with a Bengal tells that if he does not close the door when he takes a bath he risks finding the cat in the tub, a human being warned…

Even if it is a very young breed, and in Italy, there are few specimens, the interest grows fast for this wonderful cat, online there are various sites and on Facebook, you can join the group of Bengal Italia enthusiasts.

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