The Sphynx cat, Canadian Sphynx or naked cat

The origins of naked cats are lost in the mists of time, the spontaneous mutation has appeared by chance in litters of normal cats but the bases of the Sphynx cat are put only in the 70s in Canada with the discovery of some small nudes in litters of cats of road and the official birth with the actual selection of the breed starts in 1978 thanks to a Dutch breeder and two naked kittens descended directed by the puppies found in Canada some years before.

Anyone who has already seen a naked cat does not easily forget it, maintains the beauty and suppleness of all the cats but instead of the hair there is the skin of various colors and only an imperceptible hair, the coat presents in three tactile versions :

  • Rubber – rubber effect, which has the characteristic of looking to the touch similar to a soft and “non-slip” material.
  • Peach – peach effect, which has the semblance and softness of a peach to the touch.
  • Wax – wax effect, as the name suggests, it looks like wax to the touch, with a fatty secretion greater than the other two types of coat, such as to require a delicate but more frequent cleansing.

The colors are many, all colors and designs are allowed, including white in any quantity.

But the most beautiful thing about the Sphynx cat is the character.

He is a special cat also in behavior, always sweet and sunny, very curious and intelligent, he loves to be handled and live with other cats and other pets because he is also very sociable.

He loves to greet anyone who enters the house and loves being in his arms, so much so that he is nicknamed “Velcro Lap Cat” that is Cat-Velcro that is always on his lap!

Another special feature: he loves to bring back the toys that are thrown at him.

Being hairless he feels the cold almost like us, for this reason he loves to be dressed when it is cold and sleep under the covers with the people he loves, if the covers under which to slip are not available he finds all the warmest places: the heater, the case of the computer and even the refrigerator that exudes a nice warmth on the outsideā€¦

Because of its sensitivity to the cold, it doesn’t like to go out except in the warmer months and you have to be careful that it doesn’t get cold

Advice for coat management.

Sphynx cats must be groomed regularly.

Not having hair capable of absorbing the skin fat, they need to bathe or be cleaned with sponges with a damp cloth, the grease of the skin, they must bathe once every two months and receive sponging with a damp cloth on a weekly basis.

Ears and nails also accumulate fat and ear wax and must be cleaned regularly.

Never use industrial soaps to clean them, it is better to use delicate and specifically formulated organic detergents, or the natural Aleppo soap in a stick that is delicate and completely natural.

Also, pay attention to scratches and small wounds because the naked cat does not have the hair to protect it even from these small problems.

Tips for buying and adopting the Canadian Sphynx

As you know I always recommend to adopt abandoned cats, so before looking for a puppy from breeders, consider choosing an even adult sphynx that comes from a breed rescue.

Now there are associations and groups dedicated to all breeds of dogs and cats that save those abandoned or with renunciation sheets of the owner to find a new family, search on Google and on Facebook, I will point out the Facebook group Sphynx Rescue Italia.

If you really want a puppy to buy be careful to choose a serious breeder, the price of this breed is quite high (between 700 and 1500 euros) but it is better to be sure to turn to serious and competent breeders, you can search among those with posted ANFI by clicking here.

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